Upgrade Guide

Estimated time for the upgrade: 10-20 minutes.

To upgrade to NativeScript 8.0, start with a clean branch.

Install latest NativeScript CLI:

$ npm install -g nativescript

Verify you are on the latest version by running ns -v.

In your project run

$ ns migrate

This should get your project up-to-date with the latest dependencies. Some other things you may need to change:

If you still have imports from tns-core-modules, you will have to update them to use @nativescript/core, see the import reference guid in the NativeScript blog: https://blog.nativescript.org/nativescript-7-import-reference/

In your css, if you have imports that start with ~ you need to remove the tildes:

@import "[email protected]/theme/..."

/* becomes */

@import "@nativescript/theme/..."