Using Fonticons

April 07, 2018 by jlooper

Font icons are a great way to add icons to your app that look great on all screen sizes. In this short tutorial we cover how you can add them to your NativeScript-Vue application.

Assuming you are using the Vue-CLI and have scaffolded your app using the standard template, it's quite straightforward to use fonticons.

Install the nativescript-fonticon plugin

$ npm install nativescript-fonticon --save

The most recent version of the plugin will be added to your package.json file. You may need to refresh your app by running npm run clean.

Add the CSS

Import your fonticon's font files (normally a .ttf, TrueType Font) into src/assets/fonts. FontAwesome, for example, has a font file called fontawesome-webfont.ttf.

Add a line to styles.scss to set the fonticon's base class:

.fa {
  font-family: FontAwesome, fontawesome-webfont;

Finally, add the fonticon's .css file to src/assets. This file contains the fonticon's class and its unicode reference, and is downloaded with the fonticon. For FontAwesome, the file contains references like these:

.fa-glass:before {
  content: "\f000";
.fa-music:before {
  content: "\f001";

You can edit this file to only contain the fonticons you need.

Initialize the plugin

In main.js, add the following snippet:

import {TNSFontIcon, fonticon} from 'nativescript-fonticon';

TNSFontIcon.debug = true;
TNSFontIcon.paths = {
  'fa': './font-awesome.css',
  'ion': './ionicons.css'

Vue.filter('fonticon', fonticon);

In this example, you would have access to both FontAwesome icons and Ionicons. Use what you need.

Use the fonticons

In labels and buttons, use the fonticons with the proper css class and a pipe indicating a Vue.filter:

<StackLayout orientation="horizontal" horizontalAlignment="center" verticalAlignment="top">
    <Label class="fa" :text="'fa-eye' | fonticon" />
    <Label class="fa" :text="'fa-heart' | fonticon" />
    <Label class="fa" :text="'fa-user' | fonticon" />

If you need to combine an icon and text, you may use a FormattedString, or in many cases you can use the mustache syntax:

<Label class="fa">{{'fa-search' | fonticon}} Search</Label>